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Latest New Release from Jack

Finding Mister/Miss RIght Now

Finding Mister/Miss Right Now takes a look at the top online dating sites in the World for 2020. Author Jack Benza takes us on a tour of the online dating world by creating profiles for all of these dating sites/apps. eHarmony, Match, Okcupid, Plenty of Fish, Tinder, Hinge, Grinder, Elite Singles, Jdate, Christian Mingle, Our Time, Ashley Madison, Coffee Meets Bagel, Doggie Dating websites, Zoosk, Bumble and top random websites you haven't even heard of.

Showing what each site/app has to offer, how to use it, free options versus paying options and the reputations for each site. Also, how to get in the right frame of mind for these sites. Setting up a Grocery List of what you want in a partner/date and a Deal Breaker List of what you don't want in a partner/date How to use social media to your advantage. The pitfalls of the online dating world like Catfishing and extortion. How to find the right profile pic and fill out your bio/ profile. How to make the first impression on the first date. How to make a better impression on the second date. What to do when you get tired of online dating and how to get back into it. The differences between online dating and regular dating.

Finally, Covid-19 Dating 101 a look at what the pandemic has done to online dating and how we move forward. There is no book like this with this much current information. There is no guarantee that you will meet someone. But there is a guarantee that you will know what you are looking for, how to look for it and what websites to find it on. You will find matches. You will save money. You will avoid the pitfalls that are mentioned.

You will laugh considerably and find it extremely knowledgeable. Jack Benza is a known actor and Reality TV star who has done numerous dating shows in the past. Now he shares his knowledge of online dating in a most unique and entertaining way. There is no book like it. The anonymous stories he shares about others are true, scary, and downright funny.

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Also by Jack - Dudes, Change your Ways in 90 Days!

This new program is rapidly catching on and it is allowing people to find their creativity and quit any bad habits such as drinking, smoking, drugs, gambling, losing weight and my favorite stop - spending unwisely. The heart of this program is the Redemption Bracelet, which people are proudly wearing during and after the process. The bracelet is not something you buy, it is something you create!

Any person who drinks, smokes, gambles, does recreational drugs, wants to lose weight, wants to make more money, find a perfect mate, or even inspire themselves in any way creatively, this program is for you. This process helps people get control back in their life.

My program, which has been tested and approved, by many success stories,  is a trial process when you temporarily stop all the bad habits in your life, and you live without them for 90 Days. Tools are provided in the beginning consisting of the Redemption Bracelet which signifies each day you are on, the journal which is used for self-reflection, the old Number 7 box which is used for the financial aspect of our journey, the mini rituals which are used for self-preservation, the calendar for the sense of completion and the It Takes 8 workout which allows the person to gain energy and lose weight during the process.

In these 90 days, you test drive a new life!




Frank Mattera- New York Chef- Let's just say I'm a chef close to retirement and I'm not proud of some of my bad habits. I tried the 90 Days that Jack offers and I wish I did it sooner. What an easy eye opener. I'm glad I did it. Thanks Jackie.
Rory Zacher- Chicago Actor- I've known Benza for 10 years now. He was always a party animal. Over the last two years I saw a change in the man that inspired me to try his program. Now things are happening for me in my profession and I can definitely say Benza's 90 Days Til Redemption Program was my turning point.  

Steve Young- Leather Apparel- I'm a father of two. I work alot and I am proud of what I have. I have followed Jack's career for over 15 years. He always found a way to make money. So I picked up a couple of his books and this last 90 day one helped me financially. Now I have a second business online. Thanks Dude!
Gimi Zaflow- Auto Glass Specialist- At first I made fun of Jack and his bracelet. But then I saw something in him and the people around him doing this program- They were all bettering themselves. So I made a bracelet too. Progress. Now everyone in my garage wears one, especially if they want to work for me.