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The Mind Set - Can you relate to any of this, or even just some of this??

This downward spiral can continue until I literarily don’t want to wake up and live my life. This is not a way to live. I have completed my 90 Days Til Redemption program several times, and I thought I would share this last journey through the program in the hopes that you, too dudes, would benefit.
First thing I did was to do an inventory of my current bad habits. I looked at the reasons why I lived this way and I listed them.

    • Drinking. Am I an alcoholic? I sometimes find myself having a drink every day. Not in the morning, but at night after work to relax. I also realized that there was always a reason to drink- whether it was a social event or a reward I thought I was entitled to. I discovered that drinking was a daily habit in my life like brushing my teeth. When I drank I became a dick: in the morning I was angry, tired and not happy.
    • Spending Stupidly. When I am not trying to pursue an acting or writing career, I am a bartender. Most of the money I make comes from tips, so I always have cash in my hand. For some reason, money hates me or I hate money. I don’t save and I spend on stupid things like booze, smokes, woman, food I convince myself I need and gambling. I pay my bills when I need to pay them, and I don’t put anything away.
    • Poor Diet. I eat what I want and in turn I have a belly. I wasn’t always fat. I used to be in shape. I watched what I ate. But that all changed, and I became accustomed to eating what I want when I want it. I just turned 40. Not surprisingly, my doctor says that I have high blood pressure and cholesterol and that I need to make changes.
    • Not enough exercise. There are days I love to work out. Then there are days where I like to chill on the couch after a hard day’s work.  There is no consistency in this. When I work out, I have an energy that enables me to go that extra mile. However in order to get that energy I need a few weeks in the gym to get there.
    • Smoking when I shouldn’t be. Because I work in a bar, many of my friends and coworkers smoke around me. I only smoke when I drink. But when my drinking increases, so does my smoking. When I am in one of my downward spirals I find smoking becomes part of my day, every day.
    • Recreational drugs. If somebody has a joint, I may take a puff. If I am sore from working out and someone has a Vicoden I may ask for one. But when I participate, I am completely shot the next day.
    • Gambling. I love playing poker, but I suck at it. I might as well give my money to the other players before I start. 
    • No career actions. At times, I just feel like I am just living life and not pursuing my career toward acting. I work hard at my bartending job, and it is sometimes difficult to use that energy toward acting sometimes.
    • Not being Creative. Everybody needs to be creative and inspire themselves in some way. Sometimes, I know that I don’t recharge my batteries like I should by taking an acting class or writing something. I don’t push myself. It can get to the point where I don’t even cook- and I love to cook! I know things are bad when I start ordering take-out.


    Table of Contents -

    “The Mind Set” 
    The Tools           
    Day 1    
    Day 2    
    Mr. Angry           
    The Financial Plan            
    The Weekend Warrior    
    Practice Pages   
    Week Two- Setting up Days to Remember             
    Living up to the challenge             
    The “Me Day”   
    It Takes 8            
    From Introvert to Extrovert         
    The Big Fear       
    The First 30 Days             
    Conquering Those Big Fears         
    Dating and The Significant Other
    Finding the Happy Medium-The Halfway Point      
    The Marathon Man         
    The Vacation Test           
    What’s in it for me?        
    The New Normal             
    The Clean Slate Theory  
    Day 90  
    Day 91